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Regular Season 2018
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2018 in Pictures

12/21/2018, 11:00am EST
By Staff

Slideshow from the 2018 Basketball, Flag Football, Softball and Shuffleboard Seasons

NEW JERSEY -- 2018 is officially in the books! We had some challenges, but most were overcome, and many exciting memories were had. Thanks to everyone for your participation! Our goal is always to create the most fun and organized league possible. 

Congratulations to all of our division champions - we already celebrated the Awards Party at the Jersey Shore, and our party for Bergen, Hudson, Passaic will take place at the end of January (Details forthcoming.) 

Old man winter has arrived, but if you are looking to keep on playing, we have 2 indoor league registrations open right now - 2019 Winter Basketball and 2019 Winter Bar Shuffleboard. We hope you join us!

Here are a few league slideshows we put together from the seasons past - Softball, Flag Football, Hoops and Bar Shuffleboard - enjoy!

NWO Tops Off Their Season with a Trophy

12/12/2018, 5:00pm EST
By Ashley White

All Hail the Champs!

JERSEY CITY, NJ -- On championship night, the top 2 teams this season went head to head for the trophy and bragging rights.

Hot Boys and nWo met for the first time in the championship game, and boy did they put on a show. The game was highly competitive start to finish, energetic and very fast paced. In the first half, both teams played quality defense and each had a hot offensive start. Adding to that were multiple lead changes. Hot Boys set a lot of screens to get wide open 3’s, but just couldn’t knock them down. nWo went on a 9-1 run to end the half to go up by 10, 32-22 and would hold the lead the rest of the game. At this point Ronald Prophete led Hot Boys with 8 points and for nWo Farod Robinson was the catalyst with 10 points.
            The second half began with a hostile altercation between Will Kales and Aaron Gadsden who would each receive double technical and not return. Up to that point, each player had 6 points and their teams would have to continue without their best playmakers. Hot Boys turned it up right away with a 10-2 run to cut the lead to 8, but we all know nWo is great at fixing their mistakes and they were right back on top by 13 points.

Both teams battled to the end, but nWo was able to put the fire out on Hot Boys, taking the trophy home on a 66-58 win. The Hot Boys impressive season was crushed (8-2). Ronald Prophete finished with 14 points, 8 rebounds and 1 steals and Antonio Burnett II added 13 points (all in 2nd half), 2 assists, 5 rebounds and 1 block. nWo’s Farod Robinson led the team to this win with 19 points, 2 assists, 1 steal and 3 rebounds with Matik Jones right behind with 16 points, 4 assists, 3 steals, 7 rebounds and 2 blocks. Matik Jones could arguably be the team’s MVP this season.

nWo’s season was overall a very memorable one. They had every team’s number from the first game of the season, letting everyone know they were a force to be reckoned with. Definitely not a team you want to bet against and they proved that by becoming the new champs. This incredible season was led by Matik Jones who averaged 16.4 PPG and a total of 131 points. He also led the team in rebounds with 8.5 per game, steals and blocks also had his name on it. Louis Williams. Jr was next in line with 13.5 PPG and 108 points on the season. Farod Robinson averaged 6.8 RBP and Will Kales led the team with 40 assists. No other player came close to the number. nWo chemistry and talent won them a championship as they took the league by storm. Watch out for the new Champs!!!

Hot Boys Blaze Their Way to the Championship

11/30/2018, 4:15pm EST
By Ashley White

8-1 Hot Boys advance to the Big One

HURLEY'S GYM, JERSEY CITY, NJ -- The Hot Boys started the season on fire, winning 6 in a row, and now they're making sure to leave ashes in their trail as they head to their first championship game.

The Hot Boys (8-1) been a hard team to beat all season, and the one team that subjected them to defeat they now faced again in the playoffs: Indy Team 2.

The Indy squad came in looking for another upset, but it didn’t go the same way this time. Playoff games we expect physicality and competition and these two teams certainly did not disappoint. Hot Boys and Indy Team 2 played at a fast pace all game and mixed in some trash talk along the way.

Hot Boys led by as many as 6, but it was a tie game by the 5-minute mark. Neither teams had many flaws on offense or defense, it just was just a battle on every possession and came down to who hit more shots. Hot Boys led at halftime 34-29 with Aaron Gadsden leading the way with 8 points, he’d finish with 11. For Indy Team 2, Ramone Webster had 9 points to lead all scorers, he’d finish with 10 points.

Hot Boys picked up their game in the second half immediately extending their lead to 11. It wasn’t that Indy played bad defense, they actually played great defense, but Hot Boys were able to knock down a lot of tough shots, specifically from Ronald Prophete and Antonio Burnett II.

Indy Team 2 didn’t trail too far for too long as they climbed right back in the game behind Mike Minion and Drew Leatherman. It was a 2-point game with 1:30 left on the clock and Indy let their chances slip with back to back turnovers. Remy Braddock had one of those steals, which Hot Boys scored, and Ronald Prophete had the other and put the icing on the cake with a one- handed slam dunk.

Hot Boys won the game 59-54. Indy Team 2’s Drew Leatherman finished with 19 points, 2 assists, 3 steals and 5 rebounds and Mike Minion added 16 points, 4 assists, 2 steals, 12 rebounds and 1 block. For Hot Boys Ronald Prophete finished the game with 14 points, 2 steals, 4 rebounds and 1 block, Antonio Burnett finished with 10 points, 1 assist, 2 steals and 3 rebounds and can’t leave out that Jorhan Sanks had 4 blocks in the game.

Hot Boys will meet nWo (8-1) in the championship game.