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Men's Winter League

2020 Regular Season

The Defeated

03/11/2020, 3:30pm EDT
By Staff

Wolfpack vs. Adams Elite: Who Gets 1st Win?

Coming off a tough loss last week, Adam's Elite was hoping to pull out a victory this past Sunday in Jersey City, NJ. Starting off the game with good communication and back to back scoring from both teams was proving this to be an even match. 

The first 3 pointer of the game was scored by Adams Elite at the 12 minute mark showing the strong hustle by both teams in the paint and tying the score at 12-12. Anthony Lawrence from Wolfpack out-rebounded the other team, giving them second and third opportunities to score on offense. Greg White from Wolfpack sank his squad's first 3 pointer to take the lead for the first time in 10 minutes with a quick response from Myles Oneal hitting a 3 to tie the game once again.The entire first half consisted of multiple ties, lead changes, and excellent rebounding, ending in a score of 29-27 Wolfpack. 

Unfortunately Adam's Elite had multiple turnovers, giving Wolfpack more opportunities on offense. In the beginning of the second half, Elite's shots weren't falling but that didn't stop Vincent Gazzani from having 7 points in the first 5 minutes, keeping his team in the game only down by 2. Wolfpack wasn't letting up and with 10 minutes to go, and 5 out of their 6 players contributing to points on the board, they got 2 quick steals leading to a 12 point lead. 

Sadly, the effort from Vincent, who had 23 points, and his teammates John Grossman (10 pts), Alex Kashton (13 points), Kyle Lewis (4pts), Paul Duggan (3 pts), and Myles Oneal (3pts) couldn't keep up with Wolfpack. The Pack's highest scorers of the night were Josh Hayer, D Wiggins, and Greg White with 15 points each, and Anthony Lawrence dropped in 10 points. 

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