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Chosen Few vs. NB Dawgs

09/25/2018, 1:15pm EDT
By Rob Hatch

Chosen Few & North Bergen Dawgs Split

SEPTEMBER 23 -- How much does it cost to see a comedy show in NYC?  $20-25 bucks so long as you purchase the 2 drink minimum?  Not bad.  I got a better idea, find out where the North Bergen Dawgs are playing on Sunday morning, attend & enjoy! 

Listen, this isn't a knock on the North Bergen Dawgs, they are a quality softball team (though struggling this year at 2-4), they just have this hysterical banter between coaches/players that even has umpires grinning.  Team Captain Mena takes the game seriously, he means business & expects the best out of his fellow teammates.  Maybe a little too much?  Arguments eventually turn into shrugging shoulders & hilarious comments back & forth between player & manager.  Remember guys, it is "Slow pitch softball".  Enjoy yourselves! 

The Dawgs were able to hand The Chosen Few their 1st loss of the season in Game 1.  Ayala & Vulture tied for the team lead in RBI's with 3 a piece.  The team scored 13 runs altogether, but most importantly set the stage early scoring 5 in the top of the 1st.  The Chosen Few scored 11 through 4 innings, then seem to run out of gas, getting shut out in the final 3 innings.  Nice job on the mound by Skizz allowing only 2 base hits in the final 3 innings.  

Final Game 1:
NB Dawgs - 13
Chosen Few - 11

Game 2 was like "Over the Top," the arm wrestling child custody battle with Sylvester Stallone.  He turned his hat around backwards & its like a "switch, he feels like a truck, like a machine."  The Chosen Few, upset with their 1st loss, took out their frustration on the very team that beat them 5 minutes earlier.  They scored 30 runs in 6 innings.  Didn't the Saints score that in the 1st half of their game on Sunday? 

Anyway, Home Runs were courtesy of Manny(2), Gaby, & DJ.  Everyone on the 11 man roster scored at least 1 run, DJ led with 5.  The Chosen Few exploded in the 5th & 6th innings scoring 8 & then 12.  The NB Dawgs were keeping the game close/even through 4.  Then it all fell apart. 

The Dawgs fell to 2-4 on the season while the Chosen Few are atop the Tony Gwynn Division.  Plenty of softball left though.  Thank you for the show guys, & NB Dawgs, thank you for the laughs:)

Final Game 2:
The Chosen Few - 30
NB Dawgs - 13

Final Thoughts....

Every week, 1-2 players from a random team ask me, "Hey bro, so besides this, what do you do for a living?  "Are you a reporter or columnist"?  To answer these questions.  I am the Senior Manager of Mobile Recruitment at Community Blood Services (now Vitalant).  I am also a certified guest speaker at multiple High Schools in NJ/NY featuring the importance of blood donations & supporting your local hospitals.  But, I love my sports:)

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