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Team Nemesis

Regular Season 2018
Mobile Team ID: 2782001

Recent 2 or 3 Guys News

Bad Intentions are DAAAA CHAMPS!!!

12/04/2018, 12:30pm EST
By Rob Hatch

Put on huge power display vs. Seton

WEEQUAHIC PARK, NJ -- Bad Intentions flat out dominated Seton Smash!  It was a miserable day on Sunday with the rain coming down all morning/afternoon.  Seton Smash simply was running out of juice after defeating Tainos 1 game earlier.  Bad Intentions were ready for either squad & didn't disappoint. 

Game 1 was over in 5 innings.  Bad Intentions scored 25 runs.  10 in the 3rd & 8 in the 5th.  Home Runs came care of Milton, Darmento, Cutty & Matt with an Inside the Parker.  BK on the mound was solid as well.  He shut out Seton Smash for 2 straight innings before only giving up 7 runs total.

Final Score Game 1:
Bad Intentions 25
Seton Smash 7

Bad Intentions weren't done!  This one was over in 4.  Again, BK only let up 4 runs through 4 innings, pretty impressive on a turf field!  Jude & Darmento (the # 3 & 4 batters) went a solid 5 for 5 with 5 run scored, 3 RBI's & 2 doubles.    Mikey & Matt led the team with 3 RBIs each.  Bad Intentions were just solid al around & put in a real team effort & clearly wanted this series more than Seton Outlaws. 

Final Score Game 2:
Bad Intentions 16
Seton Outlaws 4

A big CONGRATS to Bad Intentions.  It was a pleasure to cover the championship!

Chosen Few Advance, will battle TNT Training!!

11/20/2018, 2:30pm EST
By Rob Hatch

Defeat Thomas Allen Vineyards in 2 Games

Ahhhh, The Chosen Few!  They were favorites heading into last Sunday's playoff series against the Thomas Allen Vineyards.  Mind you, Thomas Allen Vineyards are a bunch of younger guys(early-mid 20's).  Was it lack of experience in this league that played a part in their loss?  Or are the Chosen Few that good?  Watching some of the diving plays made by Thomas Allen Vineyards, the Chosen Few players were cringing in the dugout.  They realized what I realized, "If I did that, I would shatter a hip". 

Game 1 was a close one that went 8 innings!  The Chosen Few was up 4 going into the bottom of the 7th & somehow let up 4 runs to head into the 8th.  No matter, The Chosen Few scored 5 in the 8th & took a thrilling game 1 with the final score of 21-19.  Onix led the team with 5 RBI's.  He added the only Homer of the game for the Chosen Few.  I will hand it to the Chosen Few, they were patient at the plate, walking a total of 7 times. 

Thomas Allen fell just short.  The bottom of their lineup struggled.  Batters 7-10 went a combined 6 for 20 with 3 RBI's.  Not gonna cut it!  Jimmy & Juan showed their speed during this one, scoring a combined 9 runs.  They cover a lot of ground in the outfield as well.

Game 1 Final:
Chosen Few - 21
Thomas Allen Vineyards - 19

Game 2 wasn't close.  It was over in 6.  I think Thomas Allen Vineyards had the hangover from Game 1 that they almost had.  After all, they had fantasy football lineups to set (as did I).  Props to clean up hitter Nick, he absolutely smoked a Homer to deep right.  Honestly, at Citi Field, it might have been gone! The Chosen Few were fired up from their Game 1 victory!  They scored 27 runs in Game 2 through 6 innings.  Suaz hit for the cycle!  Al added a Homer.  Nephew & Suaz combined scored 10 runs in the 8-9 lineup spots.  Awesome!  Credit Onix & Nephew in the outfield, they both cover a lot of ground.  Don't hit their way!

 Final Game 2
Chosen Few - 27
Thomas Allen - 15

The Chosen Few (14-6) will now face TNT (15-5) in Garfield next Sunday for the Championship!  Game on!!

Arsenal Wins Division Championship

11/19/2018, 12:15pm EST
By Staff

Back to Back!

CLIFFSIDE PARK, NJ -- Arsenal has done it again. This past Sunday, they claimed the 2018 Fall Division Championship, their second straight fall season title, by defeating their dangerous foe, Bad Hombres. The final scores of the 'Best of 3 Series' were 16-15, 9-4. 

After limping into the playoffs having lost 3 of their last 4 games, Arsenal bulldozed through BigBigWillies in Round 1 (41-29, 21-8), but had to work hard to defeat the deadly Bad Hombres, completing a 4-game playoff sweep.