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Coed Softball League Update

06/20/2023, 1:45pm EDT
By Staff

News & Notes

MANASQUAN, NJ -- The 2023 Coed Softball Season gets underway at Mallard Park this upcoming week (weather permitting)! If you are playing in the league, here are some important guidelines to be aware of....

First things first - if you are playing in the league, then you should download the App to your phone - just search for SportsEngine in the app store. With the app, you can easily follow your team and access standings, schedule and more. 

Currently there are 7 teams in the Standings. If any additional teams register this week, we will add them in. A full schedule will be posted next week. As a reminder, all games will be Sundays and/or Monday nights. Occasionally, teams may play a ‘doubleheader.’  

Please review the following League Guidelines before the season begins:

  1. No Metal Spikes….No Alcohol….No Smoking….No Littering – please be sure that any water bottles or other litter is picked up and thrown away before leaving the field. Thanks in advance! After the games, feel free to head on over to the Salty Whale for some cold beverages.

  2. Official Softball Bat – each team must use a bat marked ‘Official Softball Bat’ and approved by USSSA (softball sanctioning body). The League will provide all game balls (official clincher softball) for the season and playoffs. Team shirts or Jerseys are optional.

  3. All Scheduled games are Final – if you cannot make a scheduled game, it will result in a Forfeit. Please be sure to email us 48 hours in advance if you need to forfeit! We enforce a strict policy on Forfeits – any team that forfeits WITHOUT giving us 48 hours notice will have to pay a “Forfeit Penalty Fee” of $46 to remain on the schedule (the umpire fee for both teams)

  4. The Game Schedule, Statistics and Standings (and most other league info) can be found on your Team Page at - Under the Leagues header, click the Coed Manasquan Division link and click your Team Name to access your page.

  5. Rainout Hotline 201-224-7431 –Whenever there is inclement weather, please be sure to call the Rainout Hotline to confirm that games are on. We will post a message 1 hour before game-time. Just because it’s sunny outside doesn’t mean the field is in playable condition! If there is no rainout message, please head to the field. We will do our best to makeup any rainouts.

  6. Player Waiver – This is a ‘play at your own risk’ league. We do not provide team insurance, so if that’s something you are interested in, please contact your local insurance company. Each player will have to sign the Electronic Liability Waiver prior to stepping on the field (takes 1 minute). Please take a moment to do click the below link which takes you to the form now: 

The Registration "" is not currently available.

  1. Umpire Fees – each team is responsible for paying the umpire $23 per game (cash at the field). If 10 of your players are at the field, everyone kicks in $2 or $3, and we get the game started. Or the team captain can collect this money in advance from your players and have at every game for the umpire. 



Here is a snapshot of the COED RULES SECTION:



(1) BASE ON BALLS: On any walk to a male batter (intentional or not), the next batter - a female - has her choice of walking or hitting up until the first pitch is thrown ONLY if there are two outs. If there are less than 2 outs and a male batter is walked, he will go to second base, but the woman must bat. Runners will move only if they are forced.

(2) BATTING ORDER: The batting order shall alternate between the sexes (guy/girl) however 2 men are allowed to bat ‘back-to-back’ at the end of the lineup without penalty. In the event two male players are batting ‘back-to-back’ more than once through the lineup, then an ‘out’ will be recorded between the two male batters. Two female batters

may bat ‘back-to-back’ at any time.

(3) DEFENSIVE ALIGNMENT: 10 players can take the field. Teams may position male and female players any way they wish as long as there are a maximum of (6) men, and minimum of (3) women on the field at all times. There is no need to alternate the sexes by defensive positions. You cannot have 7 men in the field. There is no maximum # of women;

you may play as many women as necessary. Teams must play three of their outfielders in outfield positions and infielders must be in the infield. Umpire's judgement applies.

(4) EXTRA HITTER: Each team may bat up to 4 extra hitters but may not exceed (7) male batters in a particular batting order.

(5) COURTESY RUNNER: The last recorded out of the same gender shall be the courtesy runner. (see Courtesy Runner rule for further details).

(6) OUTFIELD POSITIONING: All outfielders must remain a minimum of 10 feet beyond the infield (umpire’s discretion) when a female is at bat.

(7) LINEUP COMBINATIONS: You need 8 players minimum to avoid a forfeit (minimum 3 girls). The following batting lineup combinations are allowed without penalty: 3 Girls/5 Guys, 4 Girls/5 Guys, 4 Girls/6 Guys, 5 Girls/6 Guys, 5 Girls/7 Guys, 6 Girls/7 Guys, or any lineup combo that has an even amount (or more) of Girls than Guys.

Thank you for participating this season, and have a great week! If there is inclement weather, please be sure to call the Weather Hotline at 201-224-7431 approximately (1) hour before your game-time. 

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