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Regular Season Spring 2019
Spring 2019 x Regular Season

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NB Dawgs upset TA Vineyards!!

11/12/2019, 10:15am EST
By Rob Hatch

Playoff Barnburner

This was a battle of youth vs. seasoned veterans!  TA Vineyards were the lower seed & if one were to place a bet on fanduel, the NB Dawgs would have been getting points.  Congrats to those who cashed in on that!  Game 1 was as close as could be.  NB Dawgs always had the lead, but it was tight all game long.  Team Captain & lead off man Mena had 4 RBIs including a base clearing triple in the bottom of the 3rd.  Louie batted clean up as usual, knocked in 2 RBIs.  Luigi went 3 for 3 w/ 3 runs scored.  Pitcher Skizz got the win, also chipped in 3 runs.  TA Vineyards were ok, but a little inconsistent, not scoring in the 1st or the 6th.  Ricky & Connor smoked Home Runs for their squad.  Kyle couldn't get anything going, 0 for 5.  Yikes!  Vineyards were down 14-2 in the top of the 7th.  Terranove flied out to right, Jimmy walked, Kyle lined out to the pitcher.  Ricky doubled, Juan singled, Jmmy scored, Rich singled, McMann popped out.  Ball Game!


Game 1 Final:
NB Dawgs - 14
TA Vineyards - 13


Game 2 was more of the same. Great game, close, a real grinder.  NB Dawgs were patient at the plate as they combined for 8 walks.  Billy Bean would have been pleased!  PJ (who was arguably the MVP of this 2 game series) crushed a 2 Run Homer to right, he added 2 doubles, a single with 3 runs scored & 3 RBIs.  He also added a phenomenal catch in left which took the wind out of Vineyards sails.  Juan & McMann were the best players at the plate for Vineyards, going a combined 7 for 10.  McMann had 2 Homers, Juan had 1. 

Again, the veteran prevailed over the young bucs in this one.  TA Vineyards will be back!  NB Dawgs will move on to face the Monstarz!

Game 2 Final"
NB Dawgs - 21
TA Vineyards - 19

Seton Smash Eyeing Playoffs!

10/24/2019, 9:30am EDT
By Rob Hatch

Just 2 Games out of 1st Place

Seton Smash needed these 2 games on Sunday!  They brought their A Game offensively, scoring 23 runs in Game 1. 

11 of these runs came in the top of 4th.  Jimbo & Geo smoked Home Runs in this one!  Jimbo had 6 RBI's to lead the team.  4 Players scored 3 runs each, Dave, Rich, Ed & Jimbo!  Pitcher Jared had a solid 3 innings only allowing 1 run through 3 against the Arsenal.  However, Arsenal began to battle back, scoring 9 in the 4th.  Joey F had a 2 RBI single, Raul had a 2 RBI single, Jim walked for a RBI, Kai with a 2 RBI double & Orlando with a 2 RBI single.  It was a solid inning, but just came a little too late.  Seton Smash responded with 7 at the top of the 5th!

Final Score Game 1:
Seton Smash - 23
Arsenal - 11

Game 2 was a shoot-out!  Get this, there was only 1 "0" on the scoreboard, that came in the top of 7th from Arsenal.  The rest of the game combined for "43" total runs!  Arsenal played well offensively, but could only outscore Seton Smash 1 time (top of the 5th). 

Alex led the team with 3 RBIs.  A rare softball strike out for Kai, shame on you:).  There was a scare with Pitcher Tom Romano took a line drive right to the thigh/shin/knee.  It happened so fast that I couldn't exactly see where he got hit.  The teams gathered around the mound to show support for a solid pitcher/all around guy in the league.  Tom (at age 40 btw) walked it off.  He was good!  Seton Smash came out swinging with 26 runs scored through 6.  Clean up batter Richie had 8 RBI's, nasty!!!  Seton Smash moved into 3rd place at 11 - 5 in the Nettles Division eyeing the playoffs!  Arsenal has now dropped to 7 - 9.  

Game 2 Final:
Seton Smash - 26
Arsenal - 17

The Warriors Within

10/17/2019, 8:45am EDT
By Rob Hatch

Warriors in Clear Lead of Lou Piniella Division!

The Warriors demonstrated why they are 1 of the favorites to go to the Championship this Fall!  Let's forget the offense for a moment.  The Warriors have the best Shortstop in the Lou Piniella Division & possibly the entire league!  If we could hand out Golden Glove Awards now, he would be the first recipient!  Danny G. made an amazing leaping grab in the top of the 6th in Game 1 that would have made Rey Ordonez jealous!  His timing was perfect & made the catch clean, not even a snow cone!  He wasn't done!  He had another incredible diving stab with a ball that was perhaps 2 feet off the ground.  It was a hard hit ball that many players couldn't come up with!  He made it look effortless!  Bravo!

Game 1, the Warriors dropped 17 runs through 7 innings.  Home Runs were courtesy of Danny G. Oscar & Javi.  Oscar lead the team in RBIs with 4.  Pitcher Lou Baez had a decent outing, shutting down Balls Deep in 4 of the 7 innings pitched recording 2 K's.  Balls Deep just couldn't get much going offensively.  Rudy was in the clean up spot & went 1 for 4 with a RBI single.  Actually, the first 4 batters Frank, Ty, Bryce & Rudy went a combined 5 for 16.  Not gonna cut it!  Felix was in the 10 spot & smoked a 3 Run Dinger to deep right in the bottom of the 5th. 

Game 1 Final:
Warriors - 17
Balls Deep - 7


Game started out pretty darn close.  Balls Deep was up 2 to 1 through 2 innings.  The Warriors started to pile on runs, 2 in the 3rd, 5 in the 4th, 1 in the 5th & 2 in the 6th.  Lou Baez had an even better outing in Game 2 only letting up 3 runs through 7 innings on 8 hits.  Balls Deep's run were from Frank, Ty & Adrian.  The Warriors Homers came from Danny G. & 2 from John!  The Warriors are experienced & disciplined!  Watch out for this team!

Game 2 Final:
Warriors - 11
Balls Deep - 3