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Regular Season Spring 2019
Spring 2019 x Regular Season
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Men's Softball Top Sluggers

04/19/2019, 12:30pm EDT
By Staff

Early Power Rankings for RBI's, HR's, 2B's, 3B's and Slugging

It's early in the 2019 Men's Softball Season, but we wanted to highlight some absolute mashers leading the power categories in the ABL league (Stats must be entered online by team captains to qualify).

Men's Softball League in Hoboken

04/15/2019, 2:45pm EDT
By Staff

Summer Season starts June 30th!

Registration is now open for the 2019 Men's Summer Softball League in Hoboken, NJ. The season will start the week of June 30th, with each team scheduled for 7 regular season games, plus playoffs. The official game ball for the season will be the 'Clincher.' 

Game nights will be Sunday or Monday (7-10pm). The season will play from June 30 - August 26. 

If you have a Men's team and would like to join the season, please register now. Each team must have a minimum (12) and max (20) players per roster.  

Couple of Hunks Turn Heads

04/12/2019, 9:00am EDT
By Rob Hatch

Score double-dip victory over the Yankdeez

GARFIELD, NJ -- Ahhh, the protein shakes & creatine were flowing when "A Couple of Hunks" took the field on Sunday in Garfield.  The Yankdeez were simply overmatched. 

Game 1 finished with a shutout at 23-0.  Pitcher Mick C had a shutout & 4 K's.  Note - If Yankdeez would have laid off swinging the bat, those 4 K's would have been walks.  A lot of pitches were deep & high.  Pay attention next time gentlemen!  Danny P & Rick P are brothers for the Hunks and were a part of the domination combining for 6 runs, 6 RBIs & 2 Homers.  Adding Home Runs were Tyler & Mike & Mick!  The team combined for 24 base hits in 3 innings after the umpire decided to flip flop after 3 innings.  Impressive offensive & pitching output in game 1:

Game 1 Final
Couple of Hunks 23
Yankdeez 0

Yankdeez realize they were overmatched after game 1, so I think they let humor set it & just enjoy themselves.  They scored their first run in the top of the 1st.  Kudos Jeff for the RBI double that brought your team to their feet in the dugout.  Couple of Hunks had 8 RBI doubles in a ROW in the bottom of the 1st to pick up right where they left off from Game 1.  This one was over quick as well going into only 4 innings.  Watch out for "A Couple of Hunks", who I am sincerely hoping 1 of their girlfriends named this team.. Fingers crossed!

Game 2 Final:
Couple of Hunks 13
Yankdeez 1