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Regular Season Spring 2019
Spring 2019 x Regular Season
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NJ Expos Record 1st win

06/13/2019, 12:00pm EDT
By Rob Hatch

Sunday Split with Underdogz

I told a couple of NJ Expos players before the games started, "You are getting your 1st win today, book it,"  Mind you, I am unclear of what kind of odds they were getting on fanduel, but the confidence was present!

Game looked promising for the Expos as they led 10-3 after 2 innings.  The Underdogz weren't about to be upset in Game 1.  The exploded for a 9 run 3rd inning.  Chris Jr, Omar & Joe each drove in 2 runs in the 3rd.  Underdogs Pitcher, Dave had a stud muffin like last 3 innings as he shut the Expos completely out.  The 6th & 7th innings were 1,2,3 each!  Nice outing for the hurler!  The Underdogz had a total of 27 base hits & every team member scored at least 1 run!  

Game 1 Final:
Underdogz - 22
NJ Expos - 14

And then... It happened!  It wasn't pretty, it wasn't flawless, but the NJ Expos won a game!  It looked grim at first with Underdogz taking a 9-2 lead through 3.  I would argue Joe & JB were the Underdogz MVPs, as they combined for 5 for 8, 6 RBIs, 3 runs scored & a Homer!  Scary moment for Frank Guzman, the pitcher for NJ Expos as Omar smashed a line drive right to the mound, which was almost caught by Frank.  He was shaken up, but finished the game!  In Field play of the day come at the hands of Second Basemen Mike who made an incredible stop on a fast grounder his way & completed a 4-6-3 Double Play!  Clean up batter Ryan had a 2 Run Homer, while Luke & Rey added a triple each for the Expos!  The Expos enjoyed their 1st win as Matt K. was quoted saying, "Hey Rob, you should maybe come to all of our games".  Not a bad idea!

Final Game 2:
NJ Expos - 14
Underdogz - 13

Minotaur Sweeps West NY PD

06/04/2019, 9:15am EDT
By Rob Hatch

Minotaur in tie for 1st Place. Also - Four-way race for RBI League Leader! Plus new Men's Summer League in Hoboken...

CLIFTON, NJ -- Team Minotaur came into this game atop the Cal Ripken Jr. Division & they will remain there (tied for 1st), at least for another week!  Minotaur had a strong showing on Sunday at Latteri Field in Clifton, NJ.  They swept the West NY PD & the mercy rule was put into effect in both games. 

Game 1, Minotaur had 6 Home Runs (1 of which was a Gland Salami).  Home Runs came care of Brett, Sherwyn, Khalil (2) Rob Parker & Chris B with the Slammer!  Chris B. & Khalil tied for the lead w/ RBI's with 4.  Lead off man Brett was a beast with 4 runs scored & only a triple away from hitting for the cycle.  Clean up man Jose had a difficult 1st game going 1 for 4.  Don't worry, game 2 is coming!  West NY PD just struggled with extra base hits. Out of their 13 hits, only 2 of which were extra base hits:( Thats just not gonna cut it!  Lead off man Cris was solid going 3 for 3 with 2 RBI's & a Homer.  Aristy went 3 for 3 as well w/ 3 RBI's.

Final Game 1:
Minotaur - 22
West NY PD - 9

Minotaur didn't put down the titanium in Game 2.  All 10 guys in the lineup scored at least 1 run.  Leading the way was Brett with 4.  If you recall, Jose had a rough first game.  He brought it in the 2nd contest with 6 RBI's & 2 Homers!  The team was patient at the plate as well collecting 5 walks.  Shout out to Rob Parker who flat out showed how it is done at home plate as catcher.  Nearly every ball that bounced in front of him on a hop, dipped right into the glove.  Beast mode!!  

West NY PD looked deflated in game 2, some bickering on the bench.  Some players made mental errors & it just looked like they were done.  Tate hit a nice 3 RBI double in the 2nd that gave the team some life, but it seemed maybe too late due to the 13 runs Minotaur dropped in the 1st.  Hang in there West NY PD, it's a long season!  Meanwhile Minotaur remains tied for 1st place with the Warriors in the Cal Ripken Jr Division!

Final Game 2:
Minotaur - 24
West NY PD -11

Natty Boys Record 1st Win

05/21/2019, 1:30pm EDT
By Rob Hatch

Split Wood

GARFIELD, NJ -- It seemed like it was gonna be a rough day for the Natty Boys, w/ Good Wood bringing "Great Wood" in 3 innings in game 1.  Good Wood scored 13 in the 1st, 3 in the 2nd & 7 in the 3rd.  Leading the way with RBI's, Runs & Homers was lead-off man Paul Maffei.  He was an absolute beast, scoring 4 runs, 2 homers (1 of which was a Grand Salami) & 7 total RBI's.  Mike G. added a 3 run homer & Bobby Spindler added 4 hits (2 of which were triples) & 5 RBI's.  Steven M. pitched a solid game, only letting up 6 runs, 1 walk & 3 K's. Good Wood gets the blowout win.

Game 1 Final:
Good Wood - 23
Natty Boys - 6

Game 2, the Natty Boys were determined to start strong, they made some position changes & "X" was able to play in game 2, a speedy shortstop who definitely added some much need juice to the team.  Natty Boys rallied for 10 runs in the bottom of the 1st.  Mootz had a 2 Run Homer which sailed over Paul Maffei's head.  Leading the way in RBI's was a tie between Garrett Lopez & Mootz!  The Natty Boys cheering section seemed to increase as the games went on, we had girlfriends, wives, kids, even 2 dogs!  They were clearly in good spirits!  Good Wood almost battled back, scoring 7 in the top of the 6th.  Kevin Ross added a 2 run Homer, but also had a strikeout in the game, which his teammates ripped him relentlessly on:).  John D clearly doesn't need to swing the bat to get on base with 5 Walks, Yes...  I said 5!  Congrats to Natty Boys w/ their 1st win!

Game 2 Final:
Natty Boys - 16
Good Wood - 14