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Good Wood

Regular Season Spring 2019
Spring 2019 x Regular Season
Mobile Team ID: 3311512

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Good Wood at .500, Playoffs Possible?

07/05/2019, 2:15pm EDT
By Rob Hatch

Spindler, Ross put team on their backs

Good Sportsmanship is so crucial to this game, yet it is constantly overlooked.  Good Wood didn't have enough players to start Game 1 vs the NJ Expos.  With permission from the umpire, Good Wood "borrowed" a catch from the Expos (to only catch & throw the pill back to the hurler) rather than forfeit Game 1.  Kudos to Matt K. for electing to make this decision.  This is a game we all love & respect/good sportsmanship goes a long way!

It's possible Matt regretted his decision shortly after when Good Wood rocked the 1st inning for 7 runs.  Kyle & Cody P added a 3 Run Homer each!  Expos responded by scoring 4, 1 & 2 in the first 3 innings to tie the game at 7.  Good Wood soon pulled away when they dropped another 7 runs in the top of the 6th.  Jeff P added a 3 Run Homer, while pitcher Mike added a 3 RBI triple!  

Final Score Game 1:
Good Wood - 20
Expos - 9

Game 2 finished rather quickly! Kevin & Mike added Home Runs.  Mike's GF, fiance or wife showed up & caught some of these moments on camera.  Every man wants to look good for his lady, that's normal.  Let's credit Pitcher Frank Guzman of the NJ Expos for a heads up play at the mound.  He lobbed a ball across home plate that Cody P from Good Wood smashed right back at Guzman who made the incredible catch!  I think i need to lay off attending Expos games, because I am not certain there isn't part of the body Mr. Guzman has not been struck!  Way to stand in there!  Good Wood remains 9-9 in the Will Clark Division!

Final Game 2:
Good Wood - 15
NJ Expos - 3

Wood Chipper

06/27/2019, 8:30am EDT
By Rob Hatch

Couple a Hunks and Good Wood Split

GARFIELD, NJ -- A Couple of Hunks came into this 2-game series with a chance to take sole possession of 1st place in the Will Clark Division.  In game 1, they took care of business.  It wasn't pretty, but bottom line, "a win is a win". 

Ironically, it was bottom of the order that really came through for the Hunks.  Mick went 2 for 3 with 3 RBIs in the 9th spot & Jimmy (catcher) went 2 for 3 with a Homer & lead the squad in RBIs with 4.  Worth noting that Pitcher Tyler Sanchez added a 2 Run Dinger in the bottom of the 2nd!  Good Wood rallied by scoring 4 in the 7th, but too little too late.  You can't score 1 run through 4 innings in slow pitch softball, it just doesn't cut it!  

Game 1 Final:
Couple of Hunks - 13
Good Wood - 8

Game 2 was "hopefully" a wake-up call to the Couple of Hunks.  They were cruising, up 13-5 through 5 innings.  Home Runs came courtesy of Kyle D., Rick, Danny & Kyle L.  Good Wood was struggling through 4.  When the bottom of the 4th inning concluded, Good Wood was a combined 5 for 18, with 2 runs scored.  Maybe it was their cheering section that got them rattled!  Maybe the cocky swagger by their opponent?  Whatever it was, the fire was lit!  Good Wood turned in a 10 Run 6th inning to go ahead by 1!  Home Runs by Mike & Kevin really gave them a boost.  Everyone was getting in on the hitting action, Tom, John, Mike, Paul, Kevin, Bobby, Mike G & Kyle Matt all had runs scored!  

You could see frustration had mounted in the dugout of a Couple of Hunks (10-4).  They simply let one get away!  They got complacent & paid for it.  Credit to Good Wood (7-9) who stayed composed & resilient!  They earned that win 100%.

Game 2 Final:
Good Wood - 14
Couple of Hunks - 13

Men's Hoboken Softball Deadline Today

06/21/2019, 9:45am EDT
By Staff

Hoboken Summer League Starts in July

HOBOKEN, NJ -- The deadline to enter a Men's Softball team for the Hoboken Summer League is today (June 21) at midnight. 

Full teams must have at least 12 players on the Roster. Opening Day will be in early July! All games to be played on either Sunday or Monday nights. 

If you have a team and would like to join the season, please complete the online registration

Thanks and we'll see you at the field!

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