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Shots Fired

Regular Season 2018
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Recent Bye Week News

21-19 Playoff Thriller

12/03/2018, 12:15pm EST
By Ashley White

Game Blouses Prove Why They’re a Number 1 Seed

HOBOKEN, NJ --  It's Playoff time and the number 1 seed Game Blouses took on the number 4 seed The Trumps.

Game Blouses did not get off to the best start offensively or defensively. The best plays they had all first half were a Kevin Malones interception on a possible Trump touchdown, and a sac from Trevor Manzi. Other than that, The Trumps ruled the first half. A few great plays from The Trumps included an interception from Matt Larangera that led to a touchdown by Joe Grande. Joe didn’t stop there because on the very next play he gets an interception and this time Matt Larangera scored the touchdown.

Game Blouses had no energy or momentum, they’re quarterback Felix Jiang only completed 4 of 11 passes this half compared to Isaiah Diaz who completed 10 of 13 attempts. The Trumps had the lead at halftime 13-0.

Talk about a complete 180 in the second half for both teams. Game Blouses got it going and The Trumps fell into a slump. Game Blouses Anthony N. began the half with an interception, which led to the team’s first touchdown at the hands of Brian Macellara. The Trumps struggled on offense and defense, and could only stand by as Anthony N. scored a touchdown to tie the game at 13, then convert to take a 1-point lead.

More highlights from Anthony N. as he got a sac, big big half from him. Felix Jiang this half completed 14 of 15 attempts. The Trumps Matt Larangera had the biggest play of the half with a much-needed interception, yet they throw it away. Brian Macellara came right back with an interception and Joey Falganos scores putting Game Blouses up 21-13 with 2 minutes remaining.

Matt Larangera was still on fire this half because he caught a touchdown pass to now bring his team within 2. Unfortunately, Trumps couldn’t tie the game and Game Blouses will go to the championship with the win 21-19.

No One Can Stop A Wolverine

11/30/2018, 3:45pm EST
By Ashley White

Defensive Battle at JFK

HOBOKEN, NJ -- In a battle to get to the championship, the Flutie Boys took on the defending champs, 10th & Willow Wolverines. The game wasn't quite the thriller you were hoping to see, but both teams seemed evenly matched and came ready for a fight.

10th & Willow played a smothering defense from the start, making it difficult for Flutie Boys quarterback, Tait Pirkle, to get anything on offense. Flutie Boys were frustrated early at what they felt like were a lack of calls.

The Wolverines made it on the board first with quarterback, Isai Carrillo’s touchdown pass to Andrew Solomon, plus the conversion. Solomon also had 2 sacks in the half. Not soon after, they found some company as Adam Rudin got the touchdown for The Flutie Boys, but they did not convert. Halftime score was 7-6 with 10th & Willow ahead.

The second half was a struggle for both teams on offense. Each side’s defense was so good it was hard for the quarterbacks to get an open look. The score remained 7-6 throughout most of the half and Flutie Boys needed to make a big play as they were still down with 2 minutes to go. However, it’s hard to get passed a Wolverine. 10th & Willow got the stop they needed, and Brett Carlton sealed the game was a touchdown in the final seconds, sending his team back to the championship. Tait Pirkle completed 18 of 28 attempts and Isai Carrillo completed 18 of 30 attempts. Final score was 14-6.

Weehawken Wankers Set The Protocol

11/04/2018, 10:30am EST
By Ashley White

Hunt launches 4 TD's

JFK STADIUM, HOBOKEN, NJ -- The Weehawken Wankers are fighting for a playoff spot and proved just how bad they want it against Concussion Protocol.

Quarterback for the Wankers, Richard Hunt, started the game with an early touchdown pass to Ryan Butler. Their defense was also on point, not allowing Concussion Protocol to gain many yards before grabbing a flag. Chase Montani and Matt Gildenberg both had an interception. The Wankers scored another touchdown at the hands of Kyle McCaan and were now up 14-0.

Concussion Protocol’s quarterback Andrew Sing was out of sorts, only completing 2 of 6 attempts before they switched things up and let Patrick Stoffer play the rest of the game. He did a great job rushing the ball, but his team was still down 14-0 at the half.

CP stepped it up in the second half, starting with a defensive touchdown from Zack K. to give them their first points. Weehawken Wankers weren't backing down though. Mat Bowmen showed off his footwork skills with an impressive run, dodging three defenders for the touchdown. Weehawken Wankers Brandon McNamara snagged a crucial interception while his team was up 21-6 with 10 minutes left, and that defensive effort resulted in Ryan Butler’s second touchdown.

Concussion Protocol’s new quarterback Patrick Stoffer played sufficiently well, completing 9 out of 20 passes and 2 touchdowns (to AJ Beck and Joe Janella), but it wasn’t enough. Richard Hunt finished with 12 of 24 attempts and 4 touchdowns in the Wankers' 28-18 win.