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2019 Softball Registration

02/12/2019, 2:00pm EST
By Staff

Registration is open for the Men's & Coed Spring Season

BERGEN/HUDSON/PASSAIC, NJ -- Registration is well underway for the 2019 Softball Season! Men's and Coed softball teams can lock in their spot now by registering online

The Registration "" is not currently available.

The 2019 Spring Softball League will consist of a 9-week season, plus playoffs. Roster must have at least (12) players and max (20) players. Opening Day is scheduled for the week of April 7th!

We are offering the following leagues this season: 

Men's Softball (Bergen/Hudson/Passaic) - Sunday Mornings or Afternoons. Games played on a variety of fields in Bergen, Hudson, Passaic county. All doubleheaders. 9 week season, plus playoffs. $1,295 per team. Full teams and Individual players can register.

Coed Softball (Bergen/Hudson/Passaic) - Saturday or Sunday games (9am-7pm) played in Garfield, NJ, or another field in Bergen/Hudson/Passaic. 9-game season, plus playoffs. 1 game per week (on average). $675 per team. Full teams only.

Coed Softball (Hoboken) - Sunday and/or Monday nights. games at Mama Johnson Field in Hoboken, possible 1 or 2 at Pershing Field in Jersey City Heights, JFK Stadium in Hoboken, or another nearby field. 9-game season, plus playoffs. 1 game per week (on average). $1,695 per team. Full teams only.

Coed Softball (Leonia) - Saturday or Sunday Afternoons. All games at Sylvan Park in Leonia. 9-game season, plus playoffs. 1 game per week (on average). $675 per team. Full teams only. *Residency requirements

The Deadline to register a softball team is March 31 (or until sold out). 

*We only accept full teams for the league - team captain must register with payment to secure a spot. 

Softball Registration Deadline is March 31


If you have any questions, please contact the league director Jim Pilla at or 201-978-6042. 

We look forward to providing you with the most well-organized softball league in New Jersey!

We'll see you at the Field....

Jim Pilla

Jim Pilla

League Director

Phone: 201-978-6042

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