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Champions Crowned

12/17/2018, 10:00am EST
By Rob Gray

It's deja vu as 1st seed Game Blouses and 4th Seed No Fat Chix claim their championship crowns in very different ways.

         JFK STADIUM, HOBOKEN, NJ --  After a three week layoff, championship night finally arrived.  It was a long, hard-fought season with the best teams overcoming adversity to make it to the playoffs.  Our final four survived the first round and were itching to play, hopeful to ride off into the night crowned as champions.  However, only two could reach their ultimate goal.  Game Blouses were trying to complete an undefeated season in the Troy Aikman division, taking on the surging Team X-Bladz.  For the John Elway division, two familiar foes faced off in a repeat of the spring championship, as No Fat Chix sought redemption against 10th & Willow Wolverines.  It was set up for a great night of football.

            Initially, Team X-Bladz took it to the only undefeated team in the league as Game Blouses got off to a slow start.  Quarterback Jake Feinman hit leading receiver Mario Guarriello for both of his first half touchdowns and Jay DeLeon added a rushing touchdown and a sack/safety for a 22-14 Team X-Bladz halftime lead.  Game Blouses’ scores came on strikes from quarterback Felix Jiang to Brian Macellara and Joey Falgares.  Both quarterbacks posted very efficient numbers in this one.  However, lightning would strike twice for Game Blouses in the second half.  Jiang found leading receiver Anthony Nehlsen for a touchdown after the break as well as offensive spark-plug Falgares, who tacked on a rushing touchdown in addition to his second touchdown reception.  After trailing in the first half by 8 points, Game Blouses showed why they were the number one ranked team and outscored their opponent 20-8 in the second half.  Team X-Bladz’ only touchdown in the back half of the game was late game connection between Feinman and captain Jon Himottu.  Game Blouses’ Macellara also played a huge role for the champs’ defense, coming away with two interceptions that were huge turning points in the game for very different reasons.  One inexplicably ended in a safety that almost cost Game Blouses the game, but he would rebound quickly and snag his second interception of the game, redeeming himself and all but sealing the victory for his team.  The result: Game Blouses completes their undefeated season in dramatic fashion, earning the Troy Aikman division championship by a score of 34-30.

            Championship night also featured a rematch of last season’s finale between 10th & Willow Wolverines and No Fat Chix in the John Elway division.  10th & Willow edged out a victory in the last matchup and took the season opener from No Fat Chix, so their opponent came in fully motivated.  Both team faced their struggles this season, but both also have a championship history and know exactly what it takes to come out on top.  That heart and never-give-up attitude was on full display on this night.  No Fat Chix jumped the defending champs early on the back of Tim Sheridan’s efforts.  He started the game off with a pick six on the very first drive to set the tone and also came down with Ryan Sheridan’s first half touchdown pass.  No Fat Chix looked to be fully in charge of this one, but 10th & Willow weren’t defending champs by mistake.  They stormed all the way back as quarterback Isai Carrillo found Travis King and Brett Carlton for his two touchdown passes.  Failed conversation were a major player and would prove to loom even larger, as No Fat Chix took a 13-12 lead into the break.  The second half turned into a defensive slugfest.  King snagged a big interception for 10th & Willow and would secure his second touchdown reception of the game.  His team took a late lead, with that interception and a redzone stop looking like it would be the difference in this one.  However, No Fat Chix had one last shot, down 18-13.  They marched down the field, but time was running out fast.  No Fat Chix set themselves up within 15 yards of the endzone and just seconds remaining.  It would all come down to one play.  On that play, Ryan Sheridan would buy some time and send the ball to the back of the endzone in the direction of Ray Sheridan.  Earlier in the game, Ray came down with his foot on the line for an incomplete pass, a drive that ended without a turnover on downs.  This time though, he would stay in bounds and leave no doubt about it.  No Fat Chix are champions again, taking down juggernaut 10th & Willow Wolverines by a score of 19-18.

            It was a bit of déjà vu for both teams, who took haymakers from their opponents but scrapped their way to victory.  Game Blouses, as in the semifinals, fell behind early but stormed back in the second half to secure the championship victory.  No fat Chix’s last second heroics earned their second straight 1-point victory, but they count all the same; champions again.  Congratulations to all four teams for excellent and hard-fought seasons, and congratulations to the Troy Aikman division champs Game Blouses and the John Elway division champs No Fat Chix!  Good look next season fellas.

Congratulations to the 2018 Fall John Elway Division Champs No Fat Chix!!!

Congratulations to the 2018 Fall Troy Aikman Division Champs Game Blouses!!!

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