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Eli Elites Destroy Weehawken Wankers

10/11/2018, 4:30pm EDT
By Ashley White

Lebello's Pick 6 Puts the Icing on the Cake

OCTOBER 3rd, HOBOKEN, NJ -- The Eli Elites put on a great performance against the Weehawken Wankers and showed them which team was truly 'elite'.

The Wankers started off strong with a touchdown score on their third play of the game, courtesy of George Eder, but they barely had time to celebrate as Eli Elites responded immediately with a TD by Matt Kaplan.

The Weehawken Wankers offense may have suffered on this night, but they had some good defensive highlights. Chase Montani had a big interception during Eli Elite’s conversion play and gained some yards. But as the game went on, Eli Elite’s got better and better.

Rich Restifo snared the ball with amazing coverage on him and because of good defense, the team got the ball back again quick, which resulted in Mike Mule scoring a touchdown.

Weehawken Wankers quarterback Richard Hunt only completed 3 passes in the first half and it was mainly due to the team’s zero communication or awareness of the ball. Eli Elite’s led at halftime 19-6.

Weehawken Wankers started the half with a sac by Bryan Lockwood, but the offense the rest of the game was listless. But they shocked the crowd and were able to get another touchdown, scored by Cameron Shelton, against Eli’s tough coverage.

Eli Elite’s didn’t disappoint at all on offense. They were up by two touchdowns with 5 minutes left, then Franco Lebello put the icing on the cake with a pick 6 to end the game on a mercy 32-12.

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