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All Bark, No Bite

10/05/2018, 4:00pm EDT
By Ashley White

Game Blouses Remain Undefeated; QB Felix has 4 TD's on 18 for 21 passing

HOBOKEN, NJ -- The Ballpark Bulldawgs got off to a good start against the dangerous Game Blouses with an early touchdown by Kyle Berwick. Alas, that would be the Bulldawgs' only highlight of the half because it all went downhill after that.

The Game Blouses responded immediately with a touchdown by Joey. Ballpark Bulldawgs found themselves making too many mistakes, especially miscommunication on offense. Their quarterback Vince Gazzani was struggling to complete his passes, but that had a lot to do with Game Blouses tough defense, which didn’t allow for any open receivers. Game Blouses ended the half with a few highlights, including a touchdown from Brian, a sac from Anthony and finally an interception from Brian on a touchdown pass the Bulldawgs needed. Game Blouses led at halftime 14-6.

In the second half, Game Blouses picked up where they left off. Brian had another interception followed by a touchdown. Ballpark Bulldawgs kept turning the ball over  and decided to let Kyle Louis play quarterback to shake things up. The swap helped, as louis launched a touchdown pass to Vince Gazzani. Problem was the Bulldawgs were still down by 14 with 2 minutes remaining.

Game Blouses ran over the Ballpark Bulldawgs, and their quarterback, Felix, was a big part of that. He was amazing, completing 18 of 21 attempts with 4 touchdowns in their 27-12 win.

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