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The Trumps Let 'Em Have It

10/11/2018, 2:45pm EDT
By Ashley White

Touchdowns by Joe & Matt propel them to 33-7 victory

OCTOBER 1st, HOBOKEN, NJ -- (From last week) After two straight losses, The Trumps decided to make some adjustments as they squared off against Let 'Em Watch, who conversely were coming off a two-game win streak.

The Trumps new quarterback Isaiah was just who the doctor ordered. He brought the action to this 'less than exciting' game, first with a 40-yard-long pass to Jimmy for a touchdown. Jimmy was another huge name in this game as it seemed no one could defend him. He caught another long pass from Isaiah for The Trumps second TD. Things weren’t going Let 'Em Watch’s way. The Trumps were faster and communicated better, which is why they had a 13-0 lead at halftime.

Let 'Em Watch had a tough second half, starting with quarterback Dan Dexter's disagreement with the calls being made. They didn’t seem to have much momentum, while The Trumps had plenty of energy along with a comfortable lead.

Isaiah’s rushing touchdown brought the lead to 20-0. Let 'Em Watch switched quarterbacks, and Dylan Corring was able to get the team their first touchdown. Alex Cimiluca caught the pass with a defender all over him while falling to the ground. Everyone was shocked and amazed by this catch and it was the play of the game for them. Unfortunately, The Trumps dominated most of the night and with touchdowns from Joe and Matt, the Trumps won on a mercy 33-7.

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