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Flag Football Opening Night!

09/12/2018, 12:00pm EDT
By Staff

Most teams on the docket for league opener tonight

HOBOKEN, NJ -- The wait is over. Tonight is the league opener for the 2018 Fall Flag Football Season!

We have 14 teams on the schedule - games will be played on Wednesday or Monday nights throughout the season. 

Here are a few league reminders - good luck to all!

The Registration "" is not currently available.

Referee Fees are $25 per team, per game (cash at the court)

Team Shirts will be distributed at your first game (if wearing your own jerseys, they must be numbered and matching)

Scores and Stats will be tracked by game statisticians, and league leaders will be highlighted on the ABL website and app. In the event we aren't able to track all the games, we will have a 'game of the night' feature

The ABL App is free and can be downloaded to your phone - great for checking schedule, stats, news and team standings

Forfeits - Important: Forfeiting teams will be penalized with an $50 fine - however you can avoid this penalty fee if you cancel your game 48 hours in advance (all scheduled games are final - any cancelled or forfeited games will result in a 21-0 loss in the standings)

Team Roster can be set up by captains by clicking on your team page in the Standings. Just make sure you are logged on the website, then switch over from User Mode to Edit Mode and you'll be able to Add Players via the Roster tab. 

Playoffs will be awarded to the top 4 teams in the division


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