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Ball Grabs Win Big

07/04/2018, 8:45am EDT
By Ashley White

Losing Streak Continues for Team X-Bladz

            JFK STADIUM, HOBOKEN, NJ --  Veteran ABL flag team Front Flags = Ball Grabs (2-2) had no trouble against the winless rookie squad Team X-Bladz (0-3) in a mid-season game last week in Hoboken.

            Front Flag’s Jesse Steele recorded an interception on the team’s first play of the game, and from there it was off to the races. Quarterback Brett Pariser completed 8 of 11 passes and 2 touchdowns in the first half. The Ball Grabs defense was on point, they communicated well on offense and it led to flawless plays, throws and catches.

           Team X-Bladz did their best to compete on defense, but they couldn’t capitalize on offense. QB Rob Starink completed 10 of 21 attempts in the game, along with one touchdown in the second half caught by Alex Alvarado. Front Flags led at halftime 20-0.

          The second half saw Team X-Bladz (0-3) try to climb out of that hole, and in the meantime Front Flags continued to control the game. They got whatever they wanted on offense and defense. Three more touchdowns from Jesse Steele, Josh Biegel and Mike McGrinn, along with 2 sacs from Dave Lynch pretty much sealed this game. Front Flags = Ball Grabs blew out the Team X-Bladz 33-6. 

Fall League Update: We have opened up team registration for the 2018 Fall Season. All games will be played at JFK Stadium in Hoboken on Monday / Wednesday nights, starting in September. To lock in your spot, please complete the online registration

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