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Dawgs Lose Ground

06/27/2018, 7:45pm EDT
By Rob Hatch

North Bergen Dawgs Blow 3 Run Lead in 7th, Drop in Playoff Race!

BOGOTA, NJ -- The North Bergen Dawgs had their chance Sunday to not only cut into the Division Leaders BigBigWillies record, but tie them for 1st place overall if they could somehow win these back to back games. 

In Game 1 of the double dip, NBD had a 3 run lead heading into the bottom of the 7th.  But even with the leadoff man Chelo grounding out, they failed to get through the inning before giving up 3 runs, and the game was tied 5-5.

We went to extra innings, all the way up to the top of the of 10th, where the Dawgs took the lead again by 1.  They just couldn't hang on, as "Koki" for the Willies crushed a game winning RBI single in the bottom of the 10th to bury the hearts of the Dawgs:(

Final Score Game 1:
Big Big Willies - 7
North Bergen Dawgs - 6

If you thought the Dawgs would rebound after letting go of 2 leads in Game 1, you are delusional!  They were defeated & emotionally drained.  You could argue they put up a fight only losing the 2nd game by 4, but you could just see it in their play, they were done! 

You have to hand it to the Big Big Willies.  They play like the New England Patriots.  They are mistake free.  Nothing flashy, just win!  They are a tremendous defensive/disciplined team.  You could argue Edgar (left fielder) is the Defensive player of year.  He covers a lot of ground & makes it look easy out there!

The North Bergen Dawgs had their chance.  They blew it, plain & simple!


Final Score Game 2:

Big Big Willies 12
North Bergen Dawgs 8

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