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Give Your Knees a Break. Here's a new challenge from the ABL.

07/24/2018, 11:30am EDT
By Staff

Enter your company team for a shot at the Title!

You fielded an amazing team this year, but how would you stack up against the competition in running a business?

Whether your aim is to continue the domination of your league, or your team has something left to prove, the ABL has a fun, new challenge: a competitive online business game.

The league is open to teams of up to 8 players.

Over a five-week period, each team will run a simulated company, virtually, over the web. You will compete with other teams for the same metrics as real companies, such as market share, revenue, and profitability, through an easy to use browser-based interface. 

Each team will manage the sales and operations of an international company.

Teammates can gather at the local sports bar, the office break room, or work remotely. Participants can log in from anywhere with an internet connection and web-browser equipped device to make decisions. Players should expect to spend 1 to 2 hours per week. 

Each team will develop and execute strategies for their simulated company, operating in different markets with specific customer behavior, cost structures and currency fluctuations. Key success factors include accurate forecasting and planning, and an analytical approach to decision-making.

Are you ready to compete for glory and win the championship trophy this fall season? Maybe build some business acumen and teamwork skills along the way? 

Contact us at to learn about how to get your company team involved, or register your team. Registration ends on August 31st.

Let the games begin! 

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League Administration

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