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10th & Willow Walks the Walk...

06/11/2018, 12:15pm EDT
By Ashley White

.....and Talks the Talk

          HOBOKEN, NJ -- Defending Champs 10th & Willow Wolverines are back for more action against Walk it like I Talk it on opening night. Both teams were loud and communicating, making the first half fun and active. 10th & Willow’s defense was great, their quarterback Isai Carillo completed 19 passes and got the entire team involved. Dennis McInerney and Ashley Furman both scored a touchdown, Time Fougere and Travis King both had an interception and Eric Woodruff had a sac all in the first half.

It was looking pretty good for 10 & Willow, but Walk it Like I Talk also made some big plays. Salim Laib had an interception with 2 minutes remaining, resulting in his team’s first points, and Roman Khan had a sack. 10th & Willow Wolverines led the game at the half 13-2.

          The second half wasn’t very exciting as 10th & Willow was stagnant in their offense, not recording any touchdowns in this half, working hard to stop Walk it like I talk it, who scored their first and only touchdown thanks to Mahaz Khalifa.

Their quarterback Qamar Sheikh had 15 complete passes, but struggled more toward the last few minutes of the game. Walk it like I talk it’s Chris Elmasri got an interception and Roman Khan recorded 3 more sacs, but the team couldn’t capitalize offensively. 10th & Willow Wolverine’s Tim Fougere made 2 huge interceptions and Eric Woodruff’s second sack sealed the game. They went on to win 13-8.

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