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McSwiggans 3 Homers not Enough, L & J's for the Win!

04/25/2018, 2:30pm EDT
By Rob Hatch

Rivals back at it

HOBOKEN, NJ -- Wouldn't you think a team that cracks 3 Home Runs in 1 game would come out in the "Win Column"?  Well, not last night at Mama Johnson Field.  Despite Vinnie's 3 Home Runs (4 RBI's) for McSwiggans Pub, Louise & Jerry's were able to pull out the win!

McSwiggans Pub played well, but only at the top of the line up.  Consider, the first 5 batters went a combined 12 for 19, 1 Walk, 6 Runs & 6 RBI's.  The 6-10 batters were 2 for 13 with 2 walks.  McSwiggans needs to address that & quickly!

Louise & Jerry's were average tonight, in fact a little below average.  Lead off man Chris went 1 for 3, Angel Romano was 0 for 2.  Clean up hitter & seasoned veteran Jude Bracken was 0-2 with a walk.  Mike Brizzolara made up for his fielding error to lead the team with 5 RBI's & most importantly, crushed the game winning 3 Run Homer in the bottom of the 7th!

Final Score:
L & J - 8
McSwiggans - 6

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