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Winter Shuffleboard League Registration

12/27/2017, 11:00am EST
By J. Ross

'Tis the Season of Shuffle

Kings and queens of Shuffleboard! Our Winter League starts soon, so be sure to get your team registered for the season. 

Teams that join up will face-off against fellow shufflers in a 9-week season (18 games), plus playoffs. Divisions will be created in Hoboken and NYC, and each team will have the ability to choose where they'd like to play the season.

Bar locations include the Ale House, located at 11th & Willow Ave. in Hoboken, NJ and Slate, located on W. 21st St. in New York City.  

Questions about our NYC League? Email Jeremy at

Questions about our Hoboken League? Email J. Ross at

Match play begins the week of January 8th in New York City, so if you'd like to enter a team (2 to 5 players per Roster), be sure to register now by completing the '18 Winter Shuffleboard League online registration. 

Our Hoboken Division will start up on February 8th. We look forward to fun, brew-infused season of shufflin'!

Register Your Team

The Registration "" is not currently available.

Shuffler Benefits

  • Beer & Drink specials at the host bar
  • 9 week schedule of competitive match play + playoffs
  • Awesome league website and free app
  • Team standings, schedule, stats and news
  • Playoffs for top teams
  • Trophy for the Champs!

Team / Roster Information

All teams must have a minimum of (2) players, or a maximum of (5) players on the team roster. Only two players shoot each game.

Game Nights

The Season will start the week of January 8th and go through March. Each team will be scheduled to play a doubleheader once a week on a Mon or Tues or Wed or Thurs. 


Choose to play in Hoboken (The Ale House at 11th/Willow Ave.) or Manhattan NYC (Slate at 54 W 21st St). You will be able to select your area of play later in the registration. 

The Registration "" is not currently available.

Please direct any questions to J. Ross at 

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