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Trumps Bump Game Blouses Out of Playoffs

11/13/2017, 9:30am EST
By Ashley White

QB Spano Steps Up Bigtime

HOBOKEN, NJ - With an unbelievable finish to a great playoff game, The Trumps stole the win in a neck-and-neck battle against the dangerous Game Blouses.

This may have been the best game of the season for The Trumps, as the team rallied late in the second half to make a comeback that would allow them to advance to the next round of the playoffs. Let’s recap!!

In the first half, The Trumps came out strong and energetic, scoring a touchdown on their second play of the game. The Game Blouses, although energetic as well, seemed to be lacking defense, but Kyle Ranson didn’t let the team fall too far behind with a touchdown of his own.

The Trumps responded with an additional two TD's from Carson Lassiter and Chase Larangera. However, their opponent wouldn't go away. The Game Blouses' Brian Macellara, with good vision and great hands, made two big interceptions to help the team get back in the game. Then it was all quarterback Felix Jiang for the rest of the half, starting with finding teammate Matt G for the

The Trumps seemed to be losing momentum and things got physical as Mike Carbonara tried to sack QB Jiang and they collided, going down hard. Then on the very next play, the Trumps' Chris Sorrentino was ejected for rough physical contact on Jiang as he rushed the ball, going down hard again, but made the touchdown anyway, tying the score at the half 19-19.

Anyone’s game at this point, and both teams started the second half looking to dominate. Jiang ran the same play three times, and I guess third time’s a charm as it resulted in a touchdown from Joey Falgares. Thanks to Brian Macellara again for two additional INT's and Kyle Ranson capitalizing on another touchdown, the score was 32-19. The Game Blouses looked like they were going to
run away with this game, but it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

The Trumps refused to give up, and an interception from Matt Larangera led to a touchdown for Carson Lassiter. Then Quarterback Keith Spano stepped up and implemented some major plays and with 1:30 left in the half. He fired the ball to Matt Larangera for the touchdown, and before you know it it’s only a 1 point lead for Game Blouses.

No overtime for The Trumps as they go for the 2-point conversion and with Mike Cabonara’s only touch of the ball all night, he completes the play crushing Game Blouses hearts for the 33-32 win.

Game Blouses played as good as they could, but would ultimately learn that offense sells tickets, but defense wins games. The Trumps will be moving on to play Tenth & Willow Wolverines in the division championship. Good luck to both!

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