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Los Squirrelos Get Smoked in Mercy Game

10/10/2017, 2:30pm EDT
By Ashley White

With the first play of the game, No Fat Chix’s QB, Ryan Sheridan, left the everyone’s mouth open with a pass across the entire field to Ray Sheridan, who made the catch look too easy. It was all downhill for Los Squirrelos after that.

The Squirrelos' QB Anthony Rodriguez had 12 completed passes and one interception (by Matt Rodriguez,) but the No Fat Chix offense and defense were too powerful to be stopped. At the half, No Fat Chix were up 28-0, with no comeback in sight as Los Squirrelos were already out of gas.

It was a team effort win for No Fat Chix, as Ryan Sheridan made sure every team member got their hands on the ball with 14 complete passes. Ray Sheridan had 1 touchdown and one interception, while Tim Sheridan and Corey Hutchinson each had 3 touchdowns respectively.

No Fat Chix remained on fire in this blowout game with a 42-0 victory.

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