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The Greatest Bar Game Ever

03/08/2016, 1:15pm EST
By J. Ross

Shuffleboard is one of those rare bar games that embraces a perfect storm of All Things Wonderful. It’s a trifecta of friendly competition, camaraderie, and cold beer. It’s usually played at a warm and inviting local tavern, after a long day of work. You step inside the bar, and all your worries wash away. You give a nod and a handshake to your fellow players, you order a ice cold brew, and you wait in anticipation for the games to begin.

Why do we at Shuffleboard Nation love this game? It’s ultra-competitive, yet somehow super laid back. It’s fun and addictive, yet can be very serious. And it’s centered around a gathering of friends, neighbors and cold beer.

What makes it extra special is that Anyone can become a great player at this historic, classic bar game. You just need to have a bit of touch.

You gently grip the puck as you get ready to take your turn, spin it around a couple times, visualizing where you want it to land, and you shoot it down the lane, willing it to coast along until it almost reaches the end of the board.

Maybe you misfire. Or maybe you score a magical “hanger” worth 4 points.

Your opponent shoots next, and you hope he or she misses their mark, and then you get another turn.

We love Shuffleboard because it’s a battle of skill, but there’s also laughter, and friendship, and sportsmanship. You may struggle as you begin your quest, but with practice, you too can become a shuffle legend. If you haven’t experienced this great game, we strongly encourage you to find you local shuffleboard tavern, invite a friend to join you, and step up to the table. Glory awaits!

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