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The Best Offense is a Great Defense

03/08/2016, 1:15pm EST
By Z. Balog

Hitting a Home run in baseball is awesome. But if you go up to the plate looking to do it every time, you are more than likely going to strike out more often than hitting the home run. Same goes for Shuffleboard. Rule Number One in Shuffleboard: Keep it on the board. It may only be a one pointer, or hey, maybe no points at all. But Keeping it on the board and short will at least create an obstacle for your opponent. Let them try and go deeper and if they go off the board, try and throw yours behind the first one. Now you have hidden your puck behind your first one!

Can’t hide it? Well then try putting your second one to the right or left of your your first. Now you have two shallow pucks on the board and have taken away most of the board from your opponent. Just try not to put your second one too close to your first or your opponent might take both of them off with one great shot!

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