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Join the #1 Shuffleboard League in NJ

Shuffleboard League

Shuffleboard might be the most perfect of all leisure games - a pastime that embraces friendly competition, camaraderie and cold beer. It's a game anyone can learn, a test of skill best played with friends and a care free attitude. Round up a team (4-9 players) and join the Upper Deck Shuffleboard Club League this season! All games in Asbury Park, NJ.


The Registration "Join the #1 Shuffleboard League in NJ" is not currently available.


The ABL organizes the ultimate Shuffleboard League in New Jersey. We provide each 2-player team with a 9 week season (18 games), weekly stats, standings and photos, regular coverage through social media and articles, and a chance to bring home a championship at the end of each season.

If you'd like reserve a spot in our Fall League, please send us an email to or register online. 

League Administration

League Administration


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